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Suit rentals start at $95, and tuxedos start at $110. “We wanted the suit to feel closer to what you would buy for $1,000 in a retail setting,”Blackmon said. “One of the biggest innovations [of the Black Tux] was creating a rental garment with a high-quality fabric maker.” The company just created itsfirst “collection” of new styles, including more adventurous fabrics like plaid tuxedos and velvet jackets. Garments both suits and tuxedos are shipped from the company’s West Coast warehouse up to two weeks before the customer’s event. This allows plenty of time to ensure it fits correctly. Customers must then return the product within three days after the event has passed. To clean these garments properly, Blackmon says the company was forced to take its dry-cleaning operations in-house. That means The Black Tux ended up creating one of the largest dry-cleaning operations on the West Coast, even rivaling fellow startup Rent the Runway, which famously has one of America’s largest . “We found that when we were using external vendors, we couldn’t get quite the quality we wanted. Most were experts in linens,” Blackmon said. “We wanted to make sure the way we were running the dry-cleaning operation was of the highest caliber with the most experienced people.” Fit is another thing that the company says it takes more seriously than its competitors, and it’s all done by algorithm.

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