Professional Advice On Primary Elements In Wedding Gifts

The Wedding Gifts People Buy, By Region The question of how much to spend on a gift is likely the first question that might surface. Wedding registries tend to ask for home appliances, tools or fancy tableware and all of the above can cost a pretty penny. released a survey Wednesday to determine exactly how much people from all across the country prefer to spend on their wedding gifts and broke their findings down by region. The survey, which was conducted by the Princeton Survey Research Associates International, asked 1,000 adults living in the continental U.S. One of the findings revealed that Northeastern dwellers were more likely to shell out for a wedding gift for a loved one. Read: How To Select A Diamond Shape, Find A Good Price And More For A Holiday Proposal The finding was one of the most-noted discoveries in the survey. Thirty percent of Northeasterners spent at least $200 on a gift for a friend or a family member, as opposed to the 13 percent of those surveyed around the country. Even when it came to co-workers, distant relatives and mere acquaintances, 46 percent of Northeasterners said they would spend at least $100 on a wedding gift, versus the remaining regions. The moral of the story? Strongly consider inviting the colleague, distant relative and sometimes friend to your wedding if they hail from the Northeast.

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